6 March 2012

Picture This, Picture That: Melissa Hill

A bit of a different Picture This, Picture That this week, as we're not only looking at paperback/hardback covers but also international covers as well. Melissa Hill's Something From Tiffany's was a wonderful read from last year, and I adored the original hardback cover seen on the far left, with the traditional Tiffany colours and heart charm. The book was nicely redone for its paperback release in time for the Christmas market, with bold red, and again the use of the Tiffany box and still gave the book a pretty look.
However, not only have Melissa's American publishers changed the title of the book to A Gift From Tiffany's but they have given the book an entirely new look as well. I have to say as someone who loves Christmassy/Wintery covers, this is gorgeous, and I love the usage of the snowy New York scene at the top, the Tiffany charm in the middle and the overall colour scheme. I'm not sure why they had to change the title as I feel the original was excellent, but they know their market!
So overall which do you prefer? UK Hardback, UK Paperback or US release? (Left ro right) 
 You can buy Something From Tiffany's in paperback and as an eBook now!


  1. Oooh I love the American cover, although I like the original UK one too. Actually all three are gorgeous, very hard to chose! But why did they change the title?

  2. I like the British covers best, the American one is the wrong colour blue?

  3. Tough choice! I'm torn between the UK hardcover and the American one...

  4. I prefer the UK Hardback, 10 times better than the US release.

  5. I like the paperback cover in the middle...the red really makes it pop and (a big thing for me) it's the one that makes it easiest to actually read the title and author!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf