28 March 2012

Picture This, Picture That: 4am In Las Vegas by Michelle Jackson

This week's Picture This, Picture That takes a look at two different covers for Irish author Michelle Jackson's latest novel 4am In Las Vegas. I reviewed the book at the end of last year, and really enjoyed it, especially the bright and bold cover which is very evocative of a typical Las Vegas type scene (left picture). However, for the paperback, publishers Poolbeg have gone for a very different look, looking at the city through an open curtain which I kind of like when you consider the title of the book, peering through the curtain in the middle of the night, but I think the curtain is a little too much in the book, a bit more of the colourful backdrop would've been good! Which cover do you prefer and why?

You can buy 4am in Las Vegas in paperback now.

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