30 March 2012

Book News: Sealed With A Kiss by Fiona Walker

To celebrate the forthcoming release of her new book The Love Letter on 3rd May, Fiona Walker has released an e-book short story as a prequel to that book. It's a great idea to get your interest piqued for her new book, and I'm looking forward to reading, hopefully it'll be an exciting short story!

"Allegra North's second thoughts about splitting with childhood sweetheart Francis need a first-class stamp. But with her unfinished letter to him still in her handbag, she can't find the right words to express her regrets. Invited to a big movie premiere through her work, she resolves to put all thoughts of her ex fiancé out of her mind; then she loses her handbag in the foyer. Francis meanwhile is determined to win Allegra back. Convinced that they should never have parted, he intends to declare his feelings in front of crowds of press and film fans that evening, unaware that his meticulous plans are about to be hijacked by his hired accomplice, a movie stuntman with a thirst for publicity . . . By the time the closing credits roll, the crowds will be baying for a kiss. Can a letter right wrongs, or do actions speak louder than words?"

You can buy Sealed With A Kiss as an eBook now!

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