30 August 2016

Blog Tour: The Little Pieces of You and Me by Vanessa Greene

Today I am delighted to welcome Vanessa Greene for her blog tour for her brand new book The Little Pieces of You and Me. I absolutely love Vanessa's stories, so I can't wait to get around to reading this one! For her blog tour, Vanessa is giving each of the bloggers on her tour a piece about 'A Little Piece of...', and mine happens to be home! So please read the below by Vanessa, and enjoy!

"'A little piece of home’: what home is to Vanessa Greene and her characters in The Little Pieces of You and Me

Home. What a powerful pull that word has – the sense of safety and belonging. With time I’ve come to see home as something solid and very valuable, but it certainly wasn’t always like that. For most of my teens and twenties, I couldn’t get far enough away from it. I had a happy childhood in our family home in north London, but I didn’t want to stick around longer than I had to. I was glad to pack my bags and leave for university, and packed them again (and again) to travel around the world in my early twenties. When I did finally come back to settle in London, I moved around rental homes – Holloway, Blackheath, Highgate, Stockwell – and the bags became boxes. Always packing and unpacking.

With each move came new friendships and adventures, with each goodbye and close of the familiar door, a tinge of sadness. Then life changed, and what I wanted changed. As it does for Isla in my novel, home became something I longed for.

I hope I’ve just unpacked my final box. Now that I’m a mum, I want my son and daughter to feel as grounded as I did – to give them the stable start in life, to grow up with their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents close by. To give them something to fly away from one day. And – hopefully – to want to return to."

Thank you so much Vanessa!

You can buy The Little Pieces of You and Me now.

20 August 2016

Christmas Releases 2016

Yes, it's that time of year again! We have had so many beautiful covers being released, and I know so many of you are festive book fans that I had to make a page featuring these releases so that when it gets closer to the Christmas season, we can all get stuck in and get buying books! You can click on the covers to see them bigger and in their full glory!

Please note there is a difference for many books between the Kindle release date and the paperback release date. I have used the earlier date of the two for all of these books.

Lily Graham - A Cornish Christmas - 30th September 2016
Tilly Tennant - Christmas at the Little Village Bakery - 16th September 2016
Jane Linfoot - Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop - 30th September 2016 (01/12/16 paperback)
Debbie Johnson - Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe - 23rd September 2016 (20/10/16 paperback)
Holly Martin - Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky - 22nd September 2016
Minna Howard - A Winter Affair - 1st September 2016

Christie Barlow - Lizzie's Christmas Escape - 21st October 2016
Jenny Colgan - Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery - 20th October 2016
Caroline Roberts - The Cosy Christmas Tea Shop - 7th October 2016 (01/12/16 paperback)
Sue Moorcroft - The Christmas Promise - 6th October 2016 (01/12/16)
Sarah Morgan - Miracle on 5th Avenue - 20th October 2016
Alex Brown - Not Just For Christmas - 6th October 2016
Lisa Dickenson - Mistletoe on 34th Street - 3rd October 2016
Cathy Bramley - Comfort and Joy (short story) - 20th October 2016
Alice Ross - A Winter's Wish - 10th October 2016
Sue Watson - The Christmas Cake Café - 14th October 2016
Sophie Pembroke - Claude's Christmas Adventure - 20th October 2016
Joanna Bolouri - The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - 20th October 2016

Isabelle Broom - A Year and A Day - 17th November 2016
Phillipa Ashley - Christmas at the Cornish Cafe - 21st November 2016
Chrissie Manby - A Fairy Tale for Christmas - 3rd November 2016
Katie Fforde - Candlelight at Christmas - 24th November 2016
Julia Williams - It's A Wonderful Life - 3rd November 2016
Karen Swan - Christmas Under the Stars - 3rd November 2016
Heidi Swain - Mince Pies and Mistletoe at the Christmas Market - 17th November 2016
Daisy Bell - The Christmas Guest - 3rd November 2016

Matt Haig - The Girl Who Saved Christmas - 20th October 2016
Tom Fletcher - The Christmasaurus - 6th October 2016