29 June 2009

Book Review: Valentine by Rebecca Farnworth

rebeccafarnworthvalentineValentine Fleming is an aspiring actress, but she doesn't seem to be getting far with her career. So when Valentine auditions for a Shakespeare play and then gets the part, she's over the moon. She's starring alongside handsome new actor Jack Hart, and Valentine is smitten by him, even though she's not over her ex Finn. 

However, a secret is about to come out that is going to rock Valentine's world as she knows it. Valentine turns to her best friend Lauren and neighbours Frank and Lily for advice, but she knows it's down to her to choose what to do. Is her lucky break about to  be over, or is she going to hold it altogether and make it to the top once and for all? And will Valentine ever find true love and get her man?!

26 June 2009

Book Review: Thanks for Nothing, Nick Maxwell by Debbie Carbin

Debbie Carbin - Thanks for NothingRachel Covington works as a Sales Rep for a holidays company, and is one of the top performers in her section. She knows that she's quite attractive and uses it to her advantage to get the men she wants, them dumps them when she's had enough.

But Rachel finds herself in a role reversal when she's realises she's fallen for Nick Maxwell, a colleague at her company. The two have a dalliance together and the result is Rachel's life changing forever...courtesty of the baby growing inside of her.

Will Rachel be able to give up her beloved single life to become a mother?

25 June 2009

Book Review: The Shoe Princess's Guide to the Galaxy by Emma Bowd

emmabowdprincesssguidegalaxyJane Meadows is a mum - and a shoe addict. Jane loves all things shoes, she has hundreds of pairs in her cupboards and has learnt to judge everyone by the shoes that they wear. But when baby Millie is born, shoes take a back seat to sleep and just getting through the day.

Her friends Liz and Rachel can't understand how Jane has let herself go, but Jane's passion is relit when best friend Fi falls in love with a shoe designer. Is Jane going to make anything of her new-found hobby? And will Jane be able to save her flailing marriage from going underfoot, or have Jane and baby Millie got to put their best feet forward alone?

24 June 2009

Book Review: Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

sophietwentiesgirlLara Lington is fairly happy with her life - she part-owns a (sort of) successful Recruitment business, and is determined to get ex-boyfriend Josh back. What she doesn't count on is the ghost of her recently deceased 105 year old Great Aunt Sadie to suddenly appear in her life and shake up everything Lara thought she knew.

Sadie can't help but interfere in Lara's life, and is determined that she won't disappear until Lara has found one of her old pieces of jewellery. Lara decides she has to find the jewellery if she is to get rid of Sadie asap, but she doesn't count on becoming quite fond of Sadie. Together the pair set off on a treasure hunt, but uncover a lot more than what they expected. But will Lara be able to let go of Sadie for good?

21 June 2009

Book Review: A Spring Affair by Milly Johnson

Elouise 'Lou' Winter is married to second hand car dealer Phil, but their marriage is far from happy. Lou knows Phil has been unfaithful, but he uses it to his own advantage, keeping Lou under his thumb.

But when Lou spots an article in a magazine about clearing out clutter, she has no idea just how far how cleaning obsession is going to reach. Not to mention the small crush she has on the man who brings her skips Tom Broom, Lou is heading for a big lifestyle change, but is she ready to take on everything that comes with it?

Will Lou find her happy-ever-after or is Phil Winter just too much in control for her to break free?

It did sound slightly different to the other books that Milly Johnson had written, but to be honest that made me look forward to it even more - something different but from an author I trusted to write something brilliant once more. Johnson really chooses to focus on the relationships between people in her books, and the changes these go through as people change in life, and perhaps that is what makes her books so readable and appealing to her audience. Johnson writes in such a way that you are drawn into the story from almost the first page and as I said, I really struggled to put this down because I was desperate to find out what was going to happen to poor old Lou next.

Speaking of characters, Johnson always manages to write characters that I love reading about. For a little while into the book, I do admit that I wasn't too fond of Lou. She seemed a bit weak and too submissive for my liking and I wasn't sure how it was going to go because of this. I wanted her to stand up to her horrid husband yet she let him bully her and I really didn't like that. However, things develop as the book continues and I really began to like Lou a lot more, and felt for her dilemmas. She is a strong person at work yet at home is different and the way she almost discovers herself is touching and extremely well tackled. Her husband Phil is a complete creep, I hated him with a passion but I guess that was the point of him! I hate that men like him somehow manage to be irresistible to certain women, but he did make a good "baddie" and was sat well with Lou.

The other characters were also very well written, as I have come to expect from Milly Johnson. Lou's friend Michelle was diabolical, and I am sure everyone knows someone as self-centred as her, much as we loathe to admit it! Lou's work colleagues, especially Karen, were great characters and I would have loved to have seen more of her because I felt her and Lou had a great friendship that was such a good contrast to the other less genuine ones in the book. Finally, Tom Broome was the last male character in the book, and I was praying for a certain ending between two characters in this book! Tom was lovely and I really liked him, mainly because he was the opposite of horrid Phil!

What I also really enjoyed about the book was the descriptive writing throughout, and how it brought to life Lou and her world. Johnson chooses to write in the third person, what I call "proper story telling" and this lends itself to a really descriptive and enjoyable novel. You can imagine in your mind little Lou sitting there shifting the junk from her cupboards, surrounded by loads of black bags and then throwing them into her huge skip, and for me things like just brough the whole thing alive for me. I could imagine her standing talking to Tom, vile Phil coming home for his curry and Lou at work with Karen, just fabulously written, I do love visualising a story as I read and this was a great one for just that. Johnson's writing style is easy to read, no complicated language, just good old fashioned story telling and that is what makes me love her books even more.

As with all chick lit, the ending of the story is a tad predictable, you can almost tell how things are going to end up but that doesn't take anything away from the fantastic story that is wonderfully weaved by the author. Great characters, a lovely, touching and quite realistic story and a great writing style all combine to create more fictional magic that will delight not only fans of Johnson's earlier books but will certainly bring even more fans to her books. I just cannot complement this book enough, it was an utterly charming tale of finding yourself despite bad circumstances, and of what can happen when you decide to declutter your life. Johnson writes from the heart and with such feeling that you are going along with Lou with every emotion she's going through. Really superb, definitely recommended and a must-read from me!

Rating: 5/5

19 June 2009

Book Review: The Kinsella Sisters by Kate Thompson

kinsellasistersIrish sisters Rio and Dervla haven't spoken for many years, and neither is particularly bothered by this as they live very separate and different lives. However, the death of their father Frank reunites the pair, and they both regret the time spent apart.

Rio lives in picturesque Lissamore with her grown up son Finn and takes any job she can get her hands on. Dervla is a successful estate agent and loves the single high-life. They befriend their new neighbour Adair and his snobby daughter Izzy, but soon Rio and Dervla unearth a shocking secret that will change everything.

Can the sisters survive this next hurdle?

18 June 2009

Book Review: Things I Want My Daughter to Know by Elizabeth Noble (CHLOE)

elizabethnoblethingsiwantmydaugherstoknowBarbara has been diagnosed with cancer, and realises she isn't going to be around for her family much longer. So she decides to write her four daughters a series of letters, each personal and individual for them, so that they have a little bit of their mother left after she has gone.

Her daughters are devastated at their loss, but will they manage to draw any comfort from their mothers letters?? Will they be able to come together as a family to miss their mother properly, and will the letters set them free from the lives they are living in?

17 June 2009

Book Review: The Ballroom Class by Lucy Dillon

Lucy Dillon - The Ballroom ClassAngelica loves to dance, so when she returns home to Longhampton, she decides she will teach a ballroom dancing class at the local dance hall. As a former World Class dancer, Angelica is sure she can turn the town's residents into the next Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. But are her class up for the challenge? And are all they all dancing to the same tune, or entirely different ones?

Lauren and Chris, engaged to be married, are finding preparing for their wedding harder than they thought. Lauren wants a fairytale, but Chris just wants it over with. Lauren's parents Bridget and Frank are very happily married and proud of their daughter, but Bridget is hiding a secret which is eating her up inside. Finally, Katie and Ross have marital woes, Katie resents going out to work while Ross gets all day with their two children, Hannah and Joe. Can the music bring all the couples closer together and heal the rifts, or is it too late for them all?

16 June 2009

Book Review: None of My Affair by Fiona O'Brien


Supermodel Ali Armstrong will tie the knot on board luxury knot Excalibur, surrounded by her closest friends and family.


But as the guests descend on Puerto Banus for the festivities, tensions and secrets rise to the surface.

Will Ali’s mother, Carrie, finally accept the end of her own marriage?  Can her sister, Hope, forget her broken heart and learn to trust again?  Will Jay see off the Russian temptress and hang on to her millionaire husband?

When the sun sets on the azure waters of the Med, the privileged world of the Armstrongs is blown sky high...

Rating: 5/5

Prior to seeing this on the shelf in Tesco one shopping day, I hadn't actually heard of Fiona O'Brien. I was curious enough to go home and have a little look on Amazon to see what else she has written. She has written 2 previous books which had good reviews, so I decided to take a chance on this one and get it from the library, just in case I didn't like it! I also noted that the author was Irish which was good as I seem to like pretty much anything by Irish chick-lit authors!

The plot of this book is totally about relationships, both the good and the bad ones. The ages of the characters in the book range from early twenties up to mid-fifties in the case of Carrie and husband Rob, so all ages and stages of relationships are covered by the author. We begin the book with Carrie and Rob, and the poor state of their marriage - it's no secret that Rob has been sleeping around but things are about to change for Carrie when she finds out something a bit deeper about Rob and his bit on the side that she doesn't want to uncover. Because of the nature of the story, I really felt for poor Carrie, but annoyed that she put up with what she did from Rob the pig, whom I hated instantly!

The younger characters are also present in the book, although not quite as much as the more mature ones. Ali, Hope and Stephanie are Carrie and Rob's daughters, and somewhat unlucky in love like their parents. Each are at different points in their love lives which is covered by the book, and its a great read because of how different the whole cast of characters are. As well as the daughters, we meet Jay, Carrie's best friend and wife of Frank, serial philanderer although she's happy to put up with it. This annoyed me somewhat because it seemed like the women in this book put up with their men's terrible behaviour just for the money and status of being their wives, which isn't a great message to send out!

Despite this, I really can't fault anything else about this book at all. It is incredibly well written, and consequently is a joy to read. It flits between different characters quite quickly because of the progressing story, but is easy to follow because O'Brien has made the characters different and likeable in many ways. The pace of the story is well judged - things happen in an acceptable time frame and you can see an end goal, although the end is completely shocking and not something I could have seen in a million years! There are some cringey parts to do with Rob and Frank and their mistresses, but its a crucial part of the story so do bear with it!

The book travels from the homeland of Ireland to the beautiful Spanish sun and the author does this a lot of justice. Her vivid writing enables the reader to picture clearly in their mind where the characters are at and I could easily picture the lovely harbour where Frank's beautiful yacht is moored just as well as I imagined Carrie walking down the rainy streets of Ireland as well, and the transistion between the two countries is seamless and makes for a joyful reading experience. The book is written in the third person as well which is a great way to read a book with multiple characters, and it was a writing style I found easy to get in to.

I loved this book, and would highy recommend it to people who love a well written and enjoyable story that takes you on a journey, not only geographically but emotionally as well. The characters are likeable because of their circumstances (albeit somewhat annoyingly because they allow it to be the case!) and you are able to feel sorry for them, but they change through the book and I liked the journey the characters all went on. My favourite character was Carrie, and remained that way until the shocking yet satisfying ending. The author has another book out later this year, and I can't wait because this one was just brilliant, I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended!

Book Review: The Second Husband by Louise Candlish

Kate Easton is divorced, and lives with her 2 children, 17 year old Roxy and 9 year old Matthew. They are struggling financially so decide to split their house up and have a tenant.

Davis Calder decides to move in, and he and Kate strike up a friendship which soon becomes something more. But Kate is about to unleash a secret set to devastate the whole family, and rock it to its core.

Can relationships survive the fall out, and will Kate ever get over the betrayal?

Rating: 3/5

I thought the premise of the book sounded good, but judging by the tag line on the cover of the book, and the blurb on the back, I realised after I started reading it that I had probably guessed the twist that was going to appear in the book. When I realised this, I was actually pretty annoyed because this sort of thing shouldn't be spoilt, let alone on the front cover of the book. I think its a bad decision to have used the tag line they did as it is definitely too obvious (and I have asked a few people about this who have agreed), so for this I have had to take stars off the book rating overall.

Story-wise, this is the first Louise Candlish novel I had read, although I do have another of her books on my shelf, I just haven't gotten round to reading it yet. I found her writing very enjoyable, and the first half of the book was very enjoyable, covering all the background that sets up the story well. Maybe the background was a bit too long, she could have got to her destination much faster but I actually enjoyed the read. It was the second half to do with the secret I had more of a problem with. As I had guessed the secret, there was no shocking moment, and the rest felt like a bit of an anti-climax and I think Candlish could have done a lot more with these characters and the situation.

The characters themselves were well written and I did find myself thinking all the right emotions towards them. Kate, the main character, was a very nice woman and you could warm to her and sympathise with her situation and dislike of men due to her ex-husband. Alistair, her ex, was a slimy creature although towards the end of the book I did find myself liking him a bit more. Davis was completely suspicious, I didn't like him at all and you could tell something was a biit funny there. And finally, Roxy and Matt her children were typical child charcters, well written and did their job in the story well enough.

To be honest, although I had guessed the story, I was quite cross at Kate for not guessing it! There were really obvious hints being dropped throughout, and some of them were so blindingly obvious, it was quite daft she didn't suspect something. I don't know why Candlish chose to do it this way, because I found her non-suspicion a tad implausible and it did impair my enjoyment of the novel because of it. I feel that what could have been a good excitable plot turned into a bit of a farce. Key plots twists are revealed on the cover, the main character doesn't get anything until its front of her face, and it seemed to take a bit long to get where it was going, with the end half of the book really a bit rushed.

Don't get me wrong, this is a good enough read, because Candlish has a nice easy to read writing style, but I just feel there are too many factors which annoyed me to give this book a high star rating. I am so disappointed that the publishers chose to put the tag line they did on the cover, and consequently the novel didn't have the shock factor that I believe was intended. Good characters make up a bit for this, but not enough to save the story completely. A real shame, but still a good read if you have the time.

15 June 2009

Book Review: A Crowded Marriage by Catherine Alliott

Catherine Alliott - A Crowded MarriageReview by Dot

I've never really taken the time to pick up a Catherine Alliott book for some reason, however this one found it's way into my basket and I'm extremely glad that it did. The story revolves round Imogen Cameron, her husband Alex and their son Rufus. The Camerons are experiencing financial troubles so they have to leave their house and life in London and accept Eleanor Latimer's offer of a rent-free cottage on her large country estate. The problem is that Eleanor is Alex's glamorous ex and Imogen already has her suspicions.

So they relocate to the country and settle into Shepherd's Cottage which comes complete with sheep, chickens and cows that Imogen is expected to look after. Life becomes very busy, Rufus has to be settled into a new school; Imogen has many encounters with the bossy but handsome vet and Alex and Eleanor seem to be spending far too much time together. Although Imogen had not welcomed the move to the country she does find that she is able to re-invigorate her painting career and begins to think that she could become very happy in the country. There are many twists and turns in the story as the situation finally comes to a head. I did not expect the ending at all which was a nice surprise really as books in this genre can sometimes be a little predictable.

A Crowded Marriage made me laugh out loud on several occasions and I think that Catherine Alliot creates extremely witty dialogue between her lovely characters. I will definitely be reading another Catherine Alliot book, I just hope the rest are as good as this one!

Rating 4/5

Book Review: None of My Affair by Fiona O'Brien

Fiona O'Brien - None of my Affair

Carrie Armstrong and her family are going through some tough times at the moment. Carrie is coming to terms with the end of her long marriage to husband Rob, her daughter Hope is living alone in Spain and Carrie is worried about her well-being.

Supermodel daughter Ali seems to be settled with fiance Stuart and a wedding looming gives the whole family something to look forward to. But can they pull together to create Ali's dream day, or is it going to be ruined by family feuds and friends affairs?

14 June 2009

Book Review: Revenge of the Wedding Planner by Sharon Owens

631595'Revenge of the Wedding Planner' is the story of Mags Grimsdale, a 40-something woman who works at Dream Weddings, a small wedding planning business run by her best friend Julia Sultana.

But Mags isn't your average 40-something mother of four - she's a goth with long black hair, has gargoyles in her house and is keeping a secret or two.

Julia sends Mags' life into disarray when she dumps her latest boyfriend, can Mags keep it all together - her family, friendship and of course, Dream Weddings?

12 June 2009

Book Review: Wishful Thinking by Melissa Hill

Wishful Thinking follows the lives of 3 women, all about to make life-changing discoveries which will really rock their worlds.

Louise's life hasn't been the same since her horrid accident - she's constantly in pain, struggling to fit in at work and having problems with her massive debts. Dara has just married a wonderful man, but not The One. She's shocked when the real love of her life suddenly comes back into Ireland, and throws her feelings into complete disarray.

Finally, Rosie just wants to enjoy her old age and make her 2 children happy. But Rosie's children haven't turned out as she wanted them too, and she's forced to make some tough decisions. 3 women - 3 lives - 3 excellent stories in one.

As usual, Hill has managed to weave 3 seemingly different stories into the one book, yet it manages to work. What really interests me is the fact that none of the characters know each other, so she can't really create relationships between any of them but somehow it does seem to flow together very well, and with ease. The beginning is very intriguing, featuring a railway crash but we aren't given the name of the character who is hurt which I was hoping would be revealed at the end of the novel. It was a strange start, as the book then went back four months to the rest of the main story and slowly brings in each of our main characters. The crash isn't mentioned again until right at the end, and not to my satisfaction either.

The three main characters, all women, were very different but likeable in their own ways. Despite the fact they were all nice enough people, they all made some silly decisions and did get on my nerves throughout the book because of things that happened. Louise is a young girl living in the city, and living outside her means. She has enormous credit card debt but it doesn't seem to stop her going out to expensive shops and blowing a fortune. She frustrated me as she seemed so keen to be liked she was willing to let the rest of her life go down the pan, and her chapters really annoyed me. Dara's just got married and is happpy with her husband, but still hankers after the one that got away, Noah. Now any woman reading this book would love a husband like Mark, he's almost perfect so for Dora to treat him badly was very annoying and the storyline about her did annoy me again. Finally, Rosie is an older lady than our other 2 characters, and mum to 2 grown kids. However, they both treat her like absolute poo and she seems to put up with it. I almost wanted to shout at her to get a backbone and stand up to them as she was so wimpy, but I can't speak too soon as I dread to think how I'll be with Harry when he's older!

The book alternates between the stories of the three women, and it is a good way to write this book, especially considering they really are separate stories and unlinked. The characters do pop up within each others stories, but just as brief mentions, not as main plotlines within their story. The focus of the chapter changes every chapter, so you have to be on the ball when it comes to all the characters within that person's story but I didn't find this too much of a problem as Hill has kept the secondary characters to a minimum. The way it builds up towards this inevitable crash is interesting, as I was desperate to know who was involved and how it would impact their lives. This was cleverly done by Hill, and made it much more enjoyable for me and ensured I kept reading!

This book is incredibly well written, and if you love a story with a twist this is definitely one for you. It's different from your normal chick-lit because there isn't a main plot for you to get absorbed by, but the three stories definitely reel you in and wondering if there is going to be a good conclusion for any of them. The characters were good, very frustrating at times but this is the sign of a good writer when you actually have feelings towards fictional people - good or bad! I really enjoyed this book, not as much as some of her other books (Not What You Think and The Last to Know) but it's still a brilliant read - very thought-provoking, quite gritty at times and very well written.

Rating: 4/5

11 June 2009

Book Review: How to Lose A Husband And Gain A Life by Bernadette Strachan

How to Lose A Husband by Bernadette Strachan

Ruby Gallagher thinks she has it all - a happy marriage, money and a lovely home. But everything falls quickly apart when her husband Manny is arrested for fraud, and Ruby's life as she is knows it is swiftly repossessed by police.

Ruby has to quickly find herself a job to pay her rent, and try to get her life back together with the help of her new friends Maria, Kendall and Teddy.

But will her past secrets stop her from finding a new love? And is Manny ever going to be able to let go of Ruby once and for all?

10 June 2009

Book Review: Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult - Handle with CareHandle With Care is possibly one of Jodi's most controversial books, with an impossible question at the heart of it. Willow O'Keefe was born with OI - Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease which means even a sneeze can break several bones.

Her sister Amelia and parents Charlotte and Sean O'Keefe do their best to look after her but are stressed out due to the pressure of caring for such a sick young girl, and are also in financial trouble. Charlotte is thrown a lifeline when someone tells her she can sue her obstetrician for not warning her of Willow's condition when she was pregnant.

But suing would mean Charlotte has to admit she would have aborted her baby if she had known. Oh and not to mention the fact that Charlotte's obstetrician is her best friend Piper...

8 June 2009

Book Review: Coming Up Next by Penny Smith

Penny Smith - Coming Up NextKatie Fisher is the anchorwoman for the breakfast show Wake Up Britain! and thinks she is rather good at her job.

So it comes as a bit of a shock to Katie when she's suddenly sacked in favour of the younger and more attractive Keera. Katie flees to her parents to escape the paparazzi but realises she hasn't got a clue what she's going to do next.

Can she rebuild her career, and is Katie ever going to find out what's Coming Up Next?

5 June 2009

Book Review: Flawless by Tilly Bagshawe

tillybagshaweflawlessScarlett Drummond Murray is an ex-model turned jewellery designer and is doing well for herself in London. But when Scarlett starts getting involved with her campaign Trade Fair to get people to take note of bad treatment of diamond miners, things start to become sinister for Scarlett.

Diamond mogul Brogan O'Donnell isn't happy his mines are being bad-mouthed and sets out for revenge. London twins and diamond dealers Jake and Danny Meyer are also caught up in the corrupt world, and their lives are taking turns they didn't quite expect along the way.

Who will come out on top in the ruthless diamond world?

3 June 2009

Book Review: The Gift by Cecelia Ahern

Everyday Lou Suffern battled with the clock. He always had two places to be at the same time. He always had two things to do at once. When asleep he dreamed. In between dreams, he ran through the events of the day while making plans for the next. When at home with his wife and family, his mind was always someplace else.

On his way into work one early winter morning, Lou meets Gabe, a homeless man sitting outside the office building. Intrigued by him and on discovering that he could also be very useful to have around, Lou gets Gabe a job in the post room.

But soon Lou begins to regret helping Gabe. His very presence unsettles Lou and how does Gabe appear to be in two places at the same time?

As Christmas draws closer, Lou starts to understand the value of time. He sees what is truly important in life yet at the same time he learns the harshest lesson of all.

This story definitely is a modern day fairytale style book, with a good storyline and a lot of magic thrown into the mix to create something unique and very  different to most of the other chick-lit out there. Cecelia Ahern seems to like using the impossible in her stories, as in PS I Love You where a dead man communicated with his wife from beyond the grave, and this novel also explores a magical element too. Gabe can seemingly move quicker than is humanly possible, and the reason for this is intriguing and something it took a while to get my head around as I was reading. But credit to Ahern here, because I can't normally stand unrealistic books, yet this one drew me in immediately and I just couldn't put it down, so much so I actually read it in just over a day - I was desperate to find out how it was all going to come together at the end.

1 June 2009

Book Review: Wedding Season by Katie Fforde

katieffordeweddingseasonREVIEW BY DOT

I discovered Katie Fforde's books only last year and I have enjoyed all that I have read so far. With my own wedding fast approaching, I thought I would give Wedding Season a go.

Sarah Stratford is a wedding planner with a secret, she doesn't believe in love, her skills are tested to the limit when she has to organise the celebrity wedding of the year plus her little sister's tiny budget wedding, all on the same day. Luckily she is able to enlist the help of two new friends; Elsa is a dress designer who prefers to stay out of the limelight and Bron is a hairdresser, among many things, who is embarking on a new and exciting life. So from sourcing the perfect venue, making a fairytale dress and constructing an impossible wedding cake, these three definitely have their hands full.

Book Review: Platinum by Jo Rees

Jo Rees - PlatinumPlatinum focuses on the lives of 3 women all scorned by one man and how their lives were ruined by the evil Yuri Khordinsky.

Frankie is a computer-whizz, but due to something that happened to her at home in South Africa, she's now a stewardess on board Pushkin, a yacht owned by rich businessman Alex. But when Frankie gets to know Alex better, is her life ever going to be the same? Peaches Gold is a high-class prostitute, running her own female-escort service (to put it politely!), and she knows secrets about the biggest names in Hollywood, but does someone know a secret about her? Finally, Lady Emma Harvey lives in England with her husband, who's about to open a Platinum mine in Russia.

But when Emma is shocked to her core, will she get to the bottom of what really happened? The three women are unlikely allies, but they decide together, they have to bring down Yuri Khordinsky and make him pay for the tragedies he has caused.