16 March 2012

Book News: Labels by H. C. Carlton

H. C. Carlton's new book Labels is due out at the end of this month, 29th March to be exact and it sounds like a great read! I'm not usually keen on books set in years gone by, but I might make an exception for this one because it sounds fantastic!

"From the wild sixties to the sexy seventies, they ruled the world of fashion - and fashion ruled them. Mackenzie Gold - outrageous, racy, shocking, yet desperately yearning for what she can never have. She's fashion's pop queen, obsessed with designing the hottest threads on the scene. Mia Stanton - gorgeous, refined, but tormented by the most shattering hang-up a passionate woman can possess. Her designs set trends that reap fame, wealth... and the undying envy of the person who should love her the most. Coral Stanton - uninhibited, unscrupulous, untrustworthy. She's Mia's mother, the hellfire editor of a top fashion magazine, a woman prepared to pay any price to get what she wants. Set against a canvas of free love, passion, ambition and betrayal, LABELS draws you into the world of three women determined to stop at nothing to fulfil their dreams of fashion."

You can pre-order Labels in paperback or as an eBook now!

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