21 March 2012

Book News: Revelry by Lucy Lord

One summer read I am really looking forward to is Lucy Lord's debut book Revelry. I've been lucky enough to get an early reading copy and the cover is just gorgeous, it screams summer and fun, and I don't think I'll be able to wait until June to read it! It's out officially on June 21st and I can't wait!

"One summer can change everything…

What happens when a friend breaks the one rule that should never be broken?

Best friends Bella and Poppy are living the dream – Notting Hill glamour, Shoreditch lofts, exclusive parties and drop-dead gorgeous men. But sometimes living life to the max catches up with you, and even the strongest friendships can be pushed to the limit.

Poppy, Bella and their friends spend the summer having as much fun as they possibly can – from the hedonistic escapades of Ibiza to doing Glastonbury in style. But amongst the laughter come tears, betrayal and backstabbing and one devastating decision threatens to bring it all crashing down. And, once the sunglasses have come off, Bella is forced to question if her lifelong friendship has been broken beyond repair."

You can pre-order Revelry as a paperback or an eBook now.

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