16 March 2012

Book Covers: Freya North's redesign


Freya North's older books have been given a makeover by her publishers, and here are some of the new covers! They fit in with Freya's newer titles including new book Rumours, and I think they are gorgeous! I especially love how all the covers are really bold, and make each book look really individual, even though they all have the same sort of design. I think they'd look gorgeous on my bookshelf too. What do you think of Freya's new covers?

Click the covers to see larger versions of them!


  1. They're lovely. I really liked the old covers but I think the new covers have great flair. :)

  2. I prefer the newer ones, but they'd look lovely on someone's shelf, pity I've read them all.

  3. I'm particularly finickity about covers - I really think one SHOULD judge a book by its cover because they take a lot of time to get exactly right and they must encapsulate the spirit of the book! When I was an aspiring, unpublished author, I worked freelance as a picture researcher (becoming very opinionated about what I'd have on my own jackets - if my books were ever published!)
    I absolutely loved my original white covers with the hazy single photographic image. But yes - it was important to update 'the backlist' - and give them the same branding as the newer titles.
    Also - I've been busy writing a little piece for each of the 6 which will be included in the new editions - my memories and anecdotes of writing those earlier books which were written in the 1990s... (yes, alright, the last flippin' century!!) (some of them don't contain a single text message!)
    Thanks, as ever, to Chick Lit Reviews for your wonderful support
    Freya x

  4. I like it when covers have a theme or feel that connects them. Thumbs up!


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  6. Oooh, they're very pretty - remind me a bit of Melanie Rose's covers. That being said, I loved the original covers.

  7. I really like them. They're uniformed but all individual too.

  8. cool ive only read pip but there allgoing to be amazing can not wait to read more.....