8 March 2012

Book News: What I Did On My Holidays by Chrissie Manby

One book I'm really looking forward to this summer is Chrissie Manby's new release, What I Did On My Holidays! It's out on June 21st, and I think the cover looks so pretty and summery! It sounds like it's going to be a funny read too, perfect to stick in your beach bag on your own holidays!

Click on the cover to see a bigger, clearer version!

"Sophie Sturgeon can't wait for her annual summer holiday. Not only will it be a week away from work, it will be a chance to reconnect with her boyfriend Callum.

So this upcoming trip to Majorca is a big deal. Sophie's spent a lot of time getting ready. She's bought a new wardrobe. She's been waxed to within an inch of her life. She's determined she and Callum will have the best time ever.

Then Callum dumps her, the night before they're due to leave. In a show of bravery and independence, Sophie says she'll go to Majorca alone - but in fact, she hides in her London flat. But when her friends, family, and even Callum seem so surprised and delighted at her single girl courage, Sophie decides to go all out and recreate the ultimate 'fake break' . . . with hilarious results."

You can pre-order What I Did On My Holidays as a paperback now.

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