21 June 2012

Picture This, Picture That: French Lessons by Ellen Sussman

Today's Picture This, Picture That takes a look at the two very different cover for Ellen Sussman's novel French Lessons. I loved the original cover (on the left), which was bold and had a really glamorous look to it, and certainly stood out to me. Now for the paperback cover (on the right), it's a lot more wishy-washy in colour, but I do like the inclusion of the Eiffel Tower which adds a French air to it, but I think I still prefer the old cover myself, just appeals to me more. Make sure you vote below and let us know which you prefer out of the two! They are 2 gorgeous covers though, a hard decision awaits!

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  1. This took me ages to decide! They are both lovely.

  2. Definitely the one on the left for me. The bold colours and gorgeous backdrop might catch my eye in a book store but the new cover wouldn't even fall on my radar as cute as it might be.