26 June 2012

eBook News: Naughty Bits by Rebecca Chance

Anyone who has read any of Rebecca Chance's novels will know that she isn't shy of writing a bit of a steamy love scene - but there are apparently some that were too hot to even make it into the books! So Rebecca's publishers have decided to lump them into one eBook and give us all a chance to read them! Naughty Bits is out on 19th July as an eBook only!

"Three too-hot-for-print short stories from Sunday Times bestselling author Rebecca Chance with a sneak peek at her sizzling new novel, Killer Heels.

Cut from the pages of Rebecca Chance's sauciest novels, Carin and Rico, Niels and Lola, and Evie and Jerome are back in their steamiest scenes yet."

You can pre-order Rebecca Chance's Naughty Bits as an eBook now!

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