4 June 2012

Book News: The Au Pair by Janey Fraser

Having read and loved Janey Fraser's book from earlier this year, The Playgroup, I really can't wait for her new book The Au Pair which is due out on  19th July! The cover is fantastic, something I would totally go for in a book shop and the story sounds fab as well - I can't wait to read this one!

"Dawn needs someone to take her horrendous children off her hands. Paula is desperate for help so she can keep her sanity during the summer holidays. Matthew, whose wife died a year ago, is trying to get his life back on track, but with a small daughter to look after, he can't do it alone. And Jilly needs a job that she can do at home so she can look after her children. Setting up an au pair agency seems to be the perfect solution to everyone's problems. 

But is it? If Jilly thinks its difficult to juggle her children, the au pairs and the needs of the families she sends them to, it's nothing compared to the trouble that's caused when one of the au pairs finally discovers the truth about the father she's been searching for. 

With a cast of characters drawn straight from real life, "The Au Pair" takes a hilarious look at what happens when an au pair takes over your family."

You can pre-order The Au Pair as a paperback now.

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