7 June 2012

Book Review: I Heart London by Lindsey Kelk

"The fifth in the bestselling and immensely popular I HEART series following Angela’s romantic misadventures

Angela’s visa has expired and it looks as though she’s going to have to set foot again on home turf where further romantic trouble awaits. She has to face the ex-boyfriend she ran out on, her best friend’s new baby, and her mum. Is she now a New York girl through and through or can London win her heart again?"

Rating: 5/5

Angela is back! God, I love Lindsey Kelk's I Heart... series, and finally we join Angela back home in London after 4 books spent jetting all over the world! There is something fab about rejoining a group of characters who we have known and loved for a few years now, and it helps somewhat that the covers are divine as well! I feel sad that in just a few books this series will end, and we will have to leave Angela and her fiancé Alex behind once and for all, but for now, I eagerly anticipate each new release! I was so excited to receive an early review copy of I Heart London and started it straight away, and managed to devour it in just a few days, no matter how much I told myself to slow down and try to make it last a bit longer! As ever, it was fabulous and possibly one of my favourite I Heart... books so far!

Angela Clark is back in London, and isn't too happy about it. She really feels like New York is her home now, and misses the hustle and bustle of the city, and her friends as well. She and Alex, together with her best friend Jenny Lopez who wants to finally go to London herself, descend upon Angela's shocked parents and begin to settle into a more sedate lifestyle in London. However, Angela's interfering mother manages to cajole her and Alex into something they aren't entirely sure they want. This, for Angela, means trying to keep the peace between her two best friends in the world, American Jenny and British Louisa - two ladies whose lives couldn't be more different! Will Angela ever settle into life back at home, or will she be fleeing back to New York as fast as the next aeroplane can carry her?

I found this book so easy to get into, and within just a few pages, I was back in the world of Angela in the fab city of New York. I loved that it started in New York, where Angela seems to really belong and moved over to the UK after a little while, and with a good pace of the story. As ever, Angela is funny, self-depreciating and a brilliant leading character who you can't fail to love and warm to, and she is what makes the books so readable and successful. The relationship between her and now-fiancé Alex is so believable that it's great to read, and you want things to work out for the pair as they just seem to be made to be together. I have to say for the first time Angela did get on my nerves slightly in this book, seeming to being Jenny's lapdog for parts of the book and ignoring her childhood friend Louisa somewhat, but I looked past those bits when they annoyed me and got back into the rest of the story.

It was fun seeing the characters out of their normal environment, especially Alex and Jenny and it made for some fun reading. It was nice seeing London through a tourist's eyes, even for Angela who hasn't been home for years and is a bit worried about returning. We meet some characters we haven't met fully before in the books - Louisa, Angela's best friend, Angela's parents and even a brief appearance by her cheating ex-fiancé which is quite amusing! There's always something going on in the book and that's what I loved about it - I wasn't for a second bored and never wanted to put it down as I knew Angela and crew were going to do something even more fun in the next few pages! As the book progressed, I wondered where it was heading for an ending, but as usual, Kelk manages to bring it altogether nice and neatly ready for the next installment of Angela's adventure, and leaves the reader with a big smile on her face!

I loved every page of I Heart London and am sad to leave Angela behind once more! I found it fun to bring the character back to her homeland, as we've really only read Angela in other locations before so it was interesting to see her being a bit unsettled and treated like a child rather than the independent adult she thinks she is! I loved the main arc of the story (which I haven't spoilt as it was fun and a nice surprise for me!), and it was something totally different to anything else we've read in an I Heart... book before! I have no idea where Angela is off to next, but I hope it's going to be as much fun as this one. As usual, Kelk brings a real warmth and lots of humour to her writing, I really did laugh out loud so many times, and I love that a book can do that. Angela's narrative is so funny, and works so well in the first person. I can't recommend this highly enough, especially if you've read and loved the other I Heart... books, you'll love this too! Read it now!

You can buy I Heart London as a paperback or an eBook now.


  1. Lovely review of this book. It's made me even more anxious to read it myself, I really enjoyed the one book that I read from this series and can not wait to read it. Thanks for the review!

  2. Great that you let me know of this. I have only read one of hers - so will have to look out the others. Have a great week.

  3. Nice to know Angelas adventures are as good as they ever were I have the rest of he I Heart series and love it all! Reading this review has just made me want to get my ands on this more I am so goingto mk hat tip to buy it tomorrow :D thanks or the great review xx

  4. Oh wow, I can't wait to get this! I loved the other I heart novels! I am sure this one will be fab!
    PS, your site is giving me so much inspiration for my new kindle! Keep up the great work!