12 June 2012

Book Cover: With Love at Christmas by Carole Matthews

Yesterday, the lovely Carole Matthews tweeted the GORGEOUS new cover for her festive novel, With Love at Christmas, coming on October 25th! I know it's only just "summer" (ha!) but I am in love with this cover, it's so cute and festive, and I cannot wait to read it :) Click the cover to see a bigger version.

"Juliet loves her family very much. She would do anything for them and she knows her husband, Rick, feels the same - which is a good thing because they ask a lot! Son, Tom, may be looking for work but he doesn't seem to be looking very hard. Their pregnant daughter Chloe has returned to the family home, bringing her two-year-old son with her. Juliet's father, Frank, is getting over a heartbreak of his own and Rita, Juliet's mother, is becoming more and more erratic each day. And then there's Buster, the much-loved family dog - even though he does smell a bit ...With Christmas fast-approaching, Juliet knows that she and Rick need to pull out all the stops to turn the chaos into calm otherwise it could be a disaster. But things seem to spiralling out of control, which means just one thing - it must be Christmas!"

Pre-order With Love at Christmas as a paperback now!

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  1. Read Carole's last years Xmas book Wrapped up in You and loved it. Just finished Summer Daydream and was the biggest let down ever! Was so disappointed nearly gave up! Only kept going because of enjoying Xmas one! Hope this one is better xx