15 June 2012

Book News: I Should Be So Lucky by Judy Astley

Judy Astley is back this summer with her new book, and it's got a lovely summery cover to match - I love the yellow! It's called I Should Be So Lucky and is out on 5th July. I really enjoyed Judy's last book so I'll be looking out for this one.

"Viola hasn't had much luck with men. Her first husband, Marco, companion of her youth and father of her only child, left her when he realised he was gay. Her second, Rhys, ended his high-octane, fame-filled life by driving his Porsche into a wall. No wonder her family always believes she needs Looking After, and her friends think she really shouldn't be allowed out on her own...

Which is why, at the age of thirty-nine, she finds herself shamefully back at home, living with Mum.

Viola knows she has to take charge; she needs to get a life, and fast. With a stroppy teenage daughter, a demanding mother, and siblings who want to control her life for her, where is she going to turn?"

You can pre-order I Should Be So Lucky as a hardback now!

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