28 June 2012

Book News: Stop the Clock by Alison Mercer

I love coming across debut novels, they're so exciting and I can't wait to get into a new author! Alison Mercer's first book, Stop the Clock, is due out on August 1st 2012, and sounds like a great read, and something I'm sure a lot of women will be able to relate to. What do you think - will it be one you will be reading?

"Meet Lucy, Tina and Natalie, twenty-something friends who are all negotiating the risky business of being grown-up.

Lucy knows exactly what she wants: her marriage to be a success, her children to be perfect, and to be the ultimate home-maker.

Tina knows what she wants too: her journalism career to take off and to see her name as a byline in a national newspaper... and the illicit affair she's started leaves her free enough to follow her dreams.

Natalie just wants to be happy - happy with the boyfriend she's dated since college, happy with the job she's drifted into, happy with a life she thinks is enough - but is it really?

Ten years later, all three women have the lives they thought they wanted. But somehow, reality isn't quite as neat and clean-cut as their dreams..."

You can pre-order Stop the Clock as a paperback now.

1 comment:

  1. Love the cover, the book sounds my kind of book, and storyline.. :)