9 October 2012

eBook News: Santa Maybe by Scarlett Bailey

While Scarlett Bailey is back with her new book Married by Christmas at the end of this month (25th October), her new eBook only story Santa Maybe is out now! I love the festive cover and it'll be a good stop-gap between now and the release date of the new book! :)

You can buy Santa Maybe as an eBook now.

"Amy Tucker is single. So single in fact she hasn’t had a man in her room for three years and her idea of a good time is buying new kitchenware at Ikea. So when she wakes up on Christmas Eve to find a strange man at the end of her bed, she is more than surprised.

Least of all, when the beautiful man claims to be Santa and has sexy stubble to rival George Clooney.

Santa whisks Amy on an exciting and unforgettable journey around the world through time and space. But can he really make Amy's Christmas dreams come true?"

1 comment:

  1. Can't wait! Bought this on Sunday, had missed out last year during the move.