17 October 2012

Book News: Driving Home for Christmas by Emma Hannigan

Oooh another Christmas book! I am loving the cover for this one, it's so pretty and snowy. Emma Hannigan's Driving Home for Christmas is out on 18th October, and sounds like it will be a charming read over the winter months! I can't wait to read it.

"Christmas at Huntersbrook House is a family tradition and this year it's even more important as, with mounting debts and insufficient income from the livery yard, it looks like the Craig family might have to sell their beloved family home. 

Pippa, Joey and Lainey are the three grown up Craig children who, caught up with their own lives in Dublin, are, as yet, unaware of the problems facing Huntsersbrook. 

Joey is starting to wonder if his controlling, fitness-mad girlfriend really is the one for him. Lainey, the family worrier, is doing her best to ignore her ex's recent engagement while also trying to look out for her sister Pippa whose frivolous lifestyle is about to catch up with her. 

As the Christmas season approaches, the Craig family need to do some soul-searching and what better place than around the fire at Huntersbrook House. 

One thing's for sure, this is a Christmas none of them will forget. But will it be their last at Huntersbrook or will they manage to save the family home? "

You can buy Driving Home for Christmas as a paperback now.

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  1. Love Emma hannigan books and cant wait to get this one!