1 October 2012

Christmas comes early...

I have no idea how, but somehow it's already October! This means that some of my favourite books of the whole year are coming out.... Christmas books! I don't care who writes them, or really what they're about, I just love Christmas books. All of them. And I love the covers more than anything! Luckily for me, 2012 is no different and we have a wonderful selection of festive reads due beginning later this month! Which of these are you most looking forward to?! You can't help but notice that blue is definitely "in" this Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE this post! I adore chick-lit and am a real Christmas lover! It's my favorite time of the year :D I like "Meet me under the mistletoe" and "Christmas at the Cupcake Café" :)Gonna add them to my TBR shelf :D