12 October 2012

Author Article: Nicola May

Author Nicola May is back with her brand new book The School Gates, a fun and sometimes emotional read about a group of parents whose children all attend the same school. I really enjoyed the book, and Nicola kindly wrote me an article to post, and I'll be reviewing the book later this afternoon! Enjoy, and my thanks go to Nicola for writing the article.

The School Gates by Nicola May

I have to say despite some of the tricky subject matter I thoroughly enjoyed writing The School Gates. In fact I wrote it in a record time of under two months.

This was mainly because I was at home recovering from a hysterectomy - sad times for me but necessary for my good health so I had no option. I wouldn’t say I’d recommend having the op; however, writing in bed for six hours a day without any distraction was a gift for a butterfly-minded creative type like me!

Chloe will tell you all about the book so I won’t bore you again with the detail. But, I hope that not only have I have retained my trademark humour, but for anyone who has been through the trauma of IVF and losing babies, pray you get some peace from my first first-hand account of this subject.

I also hope than anyone suffering from domestic abuse will see that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.

And, despite having no children of my own, I hope I have accessed correctly the difficulties and love that parenthood brings.

I sometimes maybe veer off the subscribed chick-lit path of having to create happy endings for all. I view my writing as chick-lit with a kick! Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d rather touch on real life and emotions and say it how it is.

I must be doing something right though, as Scott Pack from Harper Collins has put me as a One to Watch on his blog this week saying ... One of the best chick-lit writers I've read (and I must admit I have read a few). I went all tingly when I read that.

So, I finish saying I really hope you enjoy The School Gates. If you read it and like it a review is always like gold to a self-published author. You can reach me though my website and I respond to every email I receive. www.nicolamay.com. Happy Reading!

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