23 October 2012

Book News: Once More With Feeling by Megan Crane

Somehow this festive themed release has slipped past me... but no more! Megan Crane is back on 6th December with a brand new book called Once More With Feeling, and the cover is absolutely stunning, quite like Lucy Dillon's book covers from the past few years I think. The synopsis sounds great. and I am looking forward to reading the book! :)

"She's suffered the very worst of betrayals. 

And now Sarah's facing a divorce she never expected. 

With Christmas round the corner, what better time to re-evaluate her life? As she reconsiders every choice she's made, she starts to wonder if her life was so perfect after all. 

This winter, lose yourself in Sarah's world of unmade decisions, lost friends and old flames..."

You can pre-order Once More With Feeling as a paperback or an eBook now!

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  1. Oh I missed this one too! Feel like I'm constantly adding to my Christmas Reads 2012 post at the moment. :)