3 October 2012

Book Review: All That Glitters by Ilana Fox

"Ella Aldridge seems to have it all. Married to Danny Riding, one of the Premiership's leading goal-scorers, she lives the dream - the mansion, the car, the freebie designer clothes. But Ella and Danny have a secret. Their marriage is not what is seems. Between them, it takes a lot of hard work to fool the press and the nation that they really are Love's Young Dream, when deep down Danny's desires lie elsewhere.

With Ella's star in the ascendant, the world is at her feet - a TV show, a fashion column. But then she meets Johnny Cooper, the bad boy of British television. He's ruthlessly charming and sexy, and he can see through Ella's sham of a marriage in a heartbeat. Drawn into a risky, high-octane affair, Ella suddenly realises how much she has to lose and how quickly it can be taken from her..."

Rating: 5/5

I was really pleased to get a copy of Ilana Fox's new book All That Glitters because I have really enjoyed her previous two novels that I've read. I have to say the cover for All That Glitters is absolutely gorgeous, purple is my favourite colour and the gold glitter all over the front works really well! If I remember rightly, this book was originally called 'Prince Charming' and I'm glad the title was changed, this one sounds so much better! When I read that it was about a WAG, I was a little worried as that really isn't my sort of thing to read about at all, but I put my faith in Ilana's writing and I was right to do so... it was a fantastic read!

Ella Aldridge landed on her feet when she married footballer Danny Riding. Many of the club's fans have accepted her into the fold, and Ella is slowly trying to make friends with her fellow WAGs, although a small part of feel like she doesn't quite fit in. However, Ella and Danny are both hiding a big secret that threatens to ruin everything they've built up together. When Ella meets television presenter Johnny Cooper, she feels a spark between them that she can't ignore, and is totally unsure what to do. When things suddenly start falling apart for Ella, she is struck by how much she values her life, and how she's going to get herself out of this big dilemma...

I really did love this book. It's an easy to read, and enjoyable story that I found myself whizzing through really quickly. It had a cast of very likeable characters and it all comes together to create a great story that I thoroughly loved reading. Ella is the perfect heroine for the book. I had fully expected to dislike her because she's a WAG but when you read the book, you realise she's not a stereotypical WAG at all, in fact quite the opposite and I loved her, there is nothing to dislike, even when she starts having feelings for bad boy Johnny! We've all been there and had feelings for the bad boy, the one we know isn't good for us but can't quite help ourselves from going there anyway! What Ella does isn't right but somehow I didn't hold it against her, and felt sorry for her as the story progressed. She's a very realistic character and I loved her.

The secret that Danny and Ella have together wasn't something I guessed, and I'm pleased that Fox has chosen something like this within this book - it's an important thing to cover, and I liked how it progressed as the book went on, and I liked the resolution of it. I found Danny to be extremely likeable as well, doing what he does for the right reasons (for him) and I felt sorry for him actually. I loved how Fox described the lavish lifestyles of the Ridings, from the house to the cars and the lovely designer wardrobe that Ella possesses - lots of names are dropped here but it's not over-the-top and works well in the theme of the book so didn't bother me whereas normally I'd hate it! I wasn't sure how it would all end up for Ella and Danny and Fox leaves you in doubt for a little while as to whether they'll all get a happy-ever-after which I loved!

This was a great read, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every page. Fox's writing takes us smoothly through the book, it moves at a really good pace that keeps you entertained and wanting more, and has some great characters who you'll love (or love to hate in a few cases!). It's thoroughly entertaining, I loved the fact that it was set in the world of WAGs but not perhaps how we would envision it as things become revealed between the pair that sets them apart from the other football couples! It does highlight the more negative parts of the lifestyle that we've all come to know about WAGs, and knowing Fox's past in working on national newspapers, you can't help but wonder if some of these characters are based on real people, and therefore who they are based on...! A great read that makes me excited to read more from Ilana Fox.

You can buy All That Glitters as a paperback or an eBook now.

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