25 May 2012

Picture This, Picture That: Fallen Angels by Tara Hyland

Tara Hyland's second novel Fallen Angels came out yesterday, and I have to say I really like the cover change for the new release (right)! While I liked the cover for the original publication (left), I felt it was trying too hard to be like the historical fiction covers we get, whereas the new lighter, brighter look for the paperback is far nice and would appeal to me much more. Having already read the book, I feel it suits it better too. Tara has been lucky getting 2 such pretty covers, but which is your favourite? Vote on the poll below and let me know!

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  1. I think they are both gorgeous covers, I've voted for the older one probably because I have this to read and I just love the picture!

  2. The second one is really pretty! Still have this sitting on my shelf, I really enjoyed her last book so must get round to it!