14 May 2012

eBook news: Carrie Duffy and Lucy Lord short stories

Both Carrie Duffy and Lucy Lord are releasing short story e-Books before the release of their main paperback novels, and I'll certainly be looking forward to both of these! The covers are fab and tie in nicely to the main releases, and I think short stories are a good way to garner interest for the main books! At just 49p each, they are a bargain too! Will you be buying either/both of these?

"Three girls are finding themselves in the most romantic city in the world and this will be one night they will never forget…

A hot and sexy short story from the author of Idol and Diva.

Dionne Summers arrived in Paris with one ambition: to be a star. Desperate to make it in the modelling world, she’s ruthless and uninhibited. For Dionne, life is one long party, but her wild ways are heading out of control…

Alyson McIntyre has moved to Paris to reinvent herself – from a shy, gangly schoolgirl to a beautiful, successful Parisian woman. When she meets a handsome stranger on the train, he offers her a glimpse of the stylish new world she longs for – if only she can put her demons behind her and learn to trust him.

Eccentric fashion designer CeCe Bouvier lives life to the max and loves with all her heart. But can she avoid getting her heart broken as she parties with the glamorous jet-set in the city’s most exclusive clubs?

For each of them, Paris is an escape, giving them the opportunities they’ve always dreamed of. Will they have the courage to reach for their goals, or will the city destroy them…?"

You can pre-order VIP here now!

"The biggest night in the year and the party is just beginning!

A wickedly decadent short story from the author of Revelry.

It’s New Years Eve and best friends Poppy and Bella are ready to celebrate in style in the brilliant short story from Lucy Lord.

Heading to the trendy Hoxton hotspot owned by Bella’s brother they are soon surrounded by their glamorous friends and the party is in full swing. Bella couldn’t be happier when things start heating up with the breathtakingly handsome Ben, but as the drinks continue to flow Bella soon finds the evening not going to plan.

With the clock approaching midnight, engagements, treachery and explosive confrontations guarantee the year will start with a bang. And for Bella the excitement is just beginning, with plans for their holiday in Ibiza already underway who knows what the summer has in store for her…"

You can pre-order Party Night now!

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