7 May 2012

Book News: Bondi Blonde by Lucille Howe

Lucille Howe's debut novel Bondi Blonde is due out on May 7th (today!) as an eBook, and it sounds like a great read! I have to say I love the cover as well, very bright and fresh. Also, it's got a great comment from Tilly Bagshawe, an author I already love, so that's another great reason to read it!

"It's Christmas Eve and jobless Emily has just made the biggest impulse buy of her life...

Arriving on Bondi Beach, pear-shaped, lily-white and clutching a bottle of factor 30, she has two options: 1/ Hide out in the Irish pubs or 2/ Get with the programme. Join Emily as she falls for Sam, the hot barista, and meets her nemesis in Kiki, the Japanese surf siren. Bondified, and bent on perfection, will Emily be saved from the surgeon's scalpel? Can she win Miss Bondi, and does love mean reading between the tan lines? Find out this summer!"

You can buy the eBook now!

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