2 May 2012

Book Cover: This Child of Mine by Sinead Moriarty

Sinead Moriarty is fast becoming one of my favourite authors, and I adored her last book Me and My Sisters. I cannot wait to read her new book This Child of Mine which is due out on 2nd August through Penguin Ireland, and I have to say I love the cover as well, which I'm hoping is going to be full of glittery-prettiness! Click the cover for a bigger view :)

"Sophie is a happy 18-year-old living in London with Anna, her Irish mother. Anna has devoted her life to Sophie. It may be just the two of them but Anna has more than enough love to give. Sophie has everything she could ever need.

Laura is a not-so-happy artist. She too has a daughter, Mandy. But Laura is haunted by the loss of her first child, Jody. Happy-go-lucky as she is, Mandy lives in Jody's shadow and wonders why her mother can never let go.

Both mothers carry secrets and cannot forget the day their paths crossed. But a chance discovery is about to bring everything into the open and mothers and daughters, love and lies, past and future, will spectacularly collide."

You can pre-order Sweet Child of Mine as a paperback now.

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  1. Sweet Child of Mine sounds like a really good book. Can't wait until it comes out.