22 May 2012

Book News: Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell

Lisa Jewell's brand new book Before I Met You is out soon on July 19th 2012, and it sounds very different to anything I've ever read from this author before. I wasn't too keen on the cover until I read the synopsis and saw that it matched it quite well, and I am really excited to read the book.

"Having grown up on the quiet island of Guernsey, Elizabeth Dean can't wait to start her new life in London. On a mission to find Clara Pickle - the mysterious beneficiary in her grandmother's will - she arrives in bustling and grungy 1990s Soho, filled with hope, excitement and dreams. She has the world at her feet and is ready for whatever life has to throw at her. Or so she thinks...

In 1920s bohemian London, Arlette - Elizabeth's grandmother - is starting her new life in a time of post-war change. Beautiful and charismatic, Arlette is soon drawn into the hedonistic world of the Bright Young People. But less than two years later, tragedy strikes and she flees back to Guernsey for the rest of her life.

As Elizabeth searches for Clara, she is taken on a journey through Arlette's extraordinary time in London, uncovering a tale of love, loss and heartbreak. Will the secrets of Arlette's past help Elizabeth on her path to happiness?"

You can pre-order Before I Met You as a paperback or an eBook now!

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