11 December 2014

Festive Q&A Post 8: Debbie Johnson

Welcome today to the lovely Debbie Johnson, author of new Christmas eBook Cold Feet at Christmas. I read the book a few weeks ago and loved it, it's a fab Christmas read to download to your Kindle now! Thank you to Debbie for taking the time to answer my questions, please enjoy!

You can buy Cold Feet at Christmas as an eBook or a paperback now!

Q1. Please tell me about your new festive eBook!

It’s called Cold Feet At Christmas, and the opening scene shows our heroine, Leah, running away from her own fairytale Scottish castle wedding after discovering her fiance in a compromising position with one of the bridesmaids! Understandably upset, she flees in his car – into a snow-bound Christmas Eve wilderness inhabited only by sheep, random women in soggy wedding dresses, and our hero, Rob. After finding herself stranded in an isolated cottage with only Rob for company, she starts to realise that although everything is technically going wrong in her life – it might be the best thing that ever happened to her!

Q2. What do you think it is about festive books that readers love so much year after year?

I think Christmas is a strange time, of high expectations and heightened emotions. We all have idealised versions of it in our heads, backed up by our own experiences and all of the festive movies, songs and books we’ve absorbed growing up. It’s a time of year when we want everything to come out right – for everyone to be at peace, well-rested, well-fed, in harmony with the world. Basically, even if our lives are stressful the rest of the year, we want a Christmas happy ending, even if it’s only for a few days – and losing yourself in a lovely festive story is one of the very best ways to find it!

Q3. What prompted you to write a Christmas book?

I had the idea for it during a very snowy spell, when we’d go out walking the dog and lose each other in the white-out! So I started to think about how it would feel to be lost in that for real, on what should have been the happiest day of your life, and then what might happen if you stumbled across a classic glass of tall, dark and handsome while all of that was unfolding! Sadly, that never happened to me – I usually just fall over and stagger home with a soggy backside!

Q4. Quick fire questions! What's your favourite thing about Christmas?


Q5. Favourite christmas film?

Bad Santa – sorry!! I love that, even if it is totally gross!

Q6. Favourite christmas song?

Last Christmas by Wham – I had my heart broken to it back in the 80s!

Q7. Favourite christmas tradition?

Creeping downstairs with the kids at stupid o’clock, checking to see if Santa has been, all wearing onesies!

Q8. What are you hoping to find under the christmas tree this year?!

My usual wish list: books, books and more books! And a boxed set of all the Lost episodes – I need to rewatch Sawyer for Christmas!

Q9. What's the best Christmas present you've ever been given and why?

My husband and I have a tradition of finding each other ‘tat’ – silly showbiz stuff, weird bits and bobs, that kind of thing. A few years ago he found me an autographed, framed picture of David Bowie as the Goblin King in Labyrinth, which now has pride of place in the hallway, next to his autographed photo of the Lovejoy cast....yes, we are tragic!

Q10. What is up next for you?

As well as Cold Feet At Christmas, I also have a supernatural crime thriller out called Fear No Evil – it’s all set in Liverpool, where I live, and features a feisty female private eye called Jayne McCartney. Then in March I have an urban fantasy out, Dark Touch, the sequel to Dark Vision, which came out earlier this year. After that, a lot of sleep – and possibly rewatching Lost!

Thanks so much, Debbie!

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