27 December 2014

Festive Q&A Post 18: Nic Tatano

Today I am delighted to welcome the lovely Nic Tatano to my blog for his Festive Q&A! Nic has quickly become one of my favourite Harper Impulse authors, and I've read a lot of his books which have been brilliant! His latest book Twitter Girl is sitting on my kindle waiting to be read! My thanks go to Nic for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can buy Twitter Girl as an eBook now.

Q1. You've yet to write a festive book - is it something you'd consider in the future?! 
I actually came up with a title for one last year and the plot has been kicking around in my head. Haven’t started writing it yet, but I will. I might start it when the decorations go up since that will get me in the mood.

Q2. What do you think it is about festive books that readers love so much year after year?
Pretty much everyone has a good Christmas memory, so when you put a happy ending and wrap it in a holiday setting, I think it makes for a special feel good experience. And these days the world needs more of those. Even if you’re feeling down around the holidays, a good Christmas story can pick you up and put things in perspective.

Q3. Quick fire questions! What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
The food! I dig out all my mom’s recipes and go wild in the kitchen. There’s something special about cooking things you only make once a year while listening to Christmas carols and looking at the tree while a fire roars in the fireplace.

Q4. Favourite christmas film?
Gotta go with “A Christmas Story,” a movie about simpler times that reminds us we really don’t need much in the way of material things to be happy. It also reminds me of when one of my classmates in the third grade stupidly stuck his tongue to the railroad track (thankfully one that wasn’t used).

I particularly love Darren McGavin’s character of the foul-mouthed father. Reminds me of my dad, who used more colorful words than “Notafinger!”

Q5. Favourite Christmas song?
“Have yourself a merry little Christmas” by Frank Sinatra. (It should be noted that I drove my parents nuts with “Christmas don’t be late” by Alvin and the Chipmunks.)

Q6. Favourite Christmas tradition?
The Italians have a Christmas Eve dinner called “Feast of the Seven Fishes.” You cook seven different kinds of seafood and it is the best dinner of the year. (Of course the kitchen is an absolute disaster after this.) After dinner you are allowed to open one gift and we generally watch a Christmas movie.

Q7. What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?!
At my age I really don’t need any more “stuff” so I guess the words “best-seller” next to one of my novels would be nice. The one thing I don’t want to find under the tree is our cat, who seems determined to climb it.

Q8. What's the best Christmas present you've ever been given and why?
When I was eight years old my parents got me a pool table, which was the perfect gift for an only child. You don’t need anyone else to play, so if there weren’t any friends around I had something fun to do. I still play almost every day.

Q9. What is up next for you?
Book two of the paranormal romance series “The Adventures of Jillian Spectre” is due out in January, though as I write this we don’t have a title yet. I’ve currently got two works-in-progress going, one a rom-com and the other a thriller.

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