16 December 2014

Festive Q&A Post 11: Ruth Saberton

Welcome to post 11 of my Festive Q&A, and today I'm happy to introduce Ruth Saberton for her Q&A! Ruth's latest book Escape for Christmas, and follows on from her summer story Escape for the Summer which I loved. You can read it stand-alone too, and it's certainly enjoyable, I'm almost at the end of it now! Thank you to Ruth for answering my questions :)

You can buy Escape for Christmas as an eBook now!

Q1. Please tell me about your new festive book!
My new festive book is called “Escape for Christmas” and it is the second installment in the adventures of Gemma, Angel and Andi, whom readers first met in “Escape for the Summer”, although it can be read as a stand alone book too. The story picks up about 18 months after the book finished and centres on Gemma, who is looking forward to a very romantic festive season with her partner, Cal.  Gemma has made all sorts of plans but when she discovers that Cal’s has been meeting his gorgeous ex in secret events take an unexpected turn and her perfect Christmas suddenly isn’t quite so perfect after all…

Q2. What do you think it is about festive books that readers love so much year after year?
Everyone loves Christmas and curling up in front of the fire with a festive novel has to be one of the nicest things about the season. It’s a busy and an expensive time and a Christmas book is the best way to escape the chaos of getting prepared for the big day without breaking the bank.  The covers are gorgeous and there’s the Christmas magic between the pages too – digital or paper!

Q3. What prompted you to write a Christmas book?
I am living in the Caribbean at the moment and although we all go Christmas crazy here (the Christmas lights are something else!) I really do miss Christmas at home. I know I am spoilt rotten to lie on the beach on Christmas Day but there’s a big part of me that longs to be in a big jumper and watching the snow fall while we cook Christmas lunch (Richard Curtis movies have a lot to answer for!) Writing a Christmas book is my way of going home for the festive season and a wonderful way to travel back without having to fly. I was also asked by lots of readers if they could have a sequel to “Escape for the Summer” and this seemed the perfect solution. Cornwall at Christmas time is simply wonderful and when I wrote the scene where Gemma and Angel are shopping in Truro I was almost shocked to look up and find myself back in  Grand Cayman.  Maybe lowering the air con to a chilly seventy F was something to do with it?

Q4. Quick fire questions! What's your favourite thing about Christmas?
Spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends and my horses!

Q5. Favourite christmas film?
The Muppets’ Christmas Carol! I know all the words and sing the whole lot. Show me an English teacher who doesn’t love that movie.  As soon as the film begins I’m instantly in the festive spirit.

Q6. Favourite Christmas song?
Can I cheat and say Rafe Thorne’s “One Christmas Kiss” from my novel “Dead Romantic”? It is the song her writes for Cleo, his ‘one who got away’.

Q7. Favourite Christmas tradition?
Watching The Muppets’ Christmas Carol with my Year 7 class!

Q8. What are you hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year?!
Lots of happy readers who enjoy my books! That’s the best present any writer could hope for.

Q9. What's the best Christmas present you've ever been given and why?
Can I say my divorce? That was a fantastic present and came just in time for Christmas : )

Q10. What is up next for you?
Next year is looking very busy for me. I have four books out and a new project planned which I can’t say much about yet.  “Katy Carter 2” should be out in the spring and I am so excited about this. The title hasn’t been decided yet but maybe “Pinchy the Lobster Strikes Back”!

Thank you Ruth!

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