14 February 2013

Book Review: Three Little Words by Jessica Thompson

"They are just words but they mean so much.

As a dark evening draws in, the lives of three women are changed forever.

The worlds they have been living in, the people they thought they knew - in an instant it all changes.

But when everything seems to shatter around them, could three little words be enough to help put the pieces back together again? "

Rating: 5/5

You can buy Three Little Words as an eBook now, or pre-order the paperback.

I think that when I first saw this book, and received a copy, I assumed that the three little words the books title hints at would be the obvious... 'I Love You'. I was therefore wondering how the synopsis related to that, and just how Thompson would be able to write a book just based around those three words, and make me want to keep reading! I really liked the cover of this one, it is very similar to that of Thompson's first novel This Is A Love Story, and since I had really enjoyed that book, I was hoping for more of the same here... and luckily for me and you, she certainly didn't disappoint with this book!

I feel that although this is only Thompson's second novel, the writing in this book is far more mature than in her previous novel, and it takes a very different turn as well. Thompson was quite brave in the storylines she chose in this book, it wasn't at all what I was expecting and that's why I don't really want to discuss too much the characters and the plot line, because what made this book so brilliant for me was discovering the story as I read, and having it unfold before my eyes. I loved the unexpected surprises lurking within the book, and it really was a complete gem of a read, I was totally hooked by it.

The cast of characters is fantastic, there is something about them all that captivates you and makes you want to read more of their story. There is a real range of characters here too, from the young naive boy to the confused housewife, a talented young dancer and finally the woman in love with the man of her dreams. All of them have their own tales to tell, and are all trying to get by knowing the secrets that they do. All of them are damaged people, and you feel emotionally involved in all of their stories. In fact, this is one book where I can honestly say I didn't really dislike anybody, they were all so well written and believable that I cared about each of them and so hoped for a happy ending for them all.

The book chops and changes between which story it follows at any given time, and I found this was a great way to keep the pace moving, and allow for time to move and the other tales to develop as well. I felt that the pace of the book overall was fantastic, and enough time passed within the book to make the developments realistic, and to bring things to a believable conclusion for all of the characters. Thompson really evokes the emotion in her reader when she writes, getting into the heart of her characters, and putting their feelings down onto the page so well you feel them too. It was a really interesting story, totally unexpected and that's what I loved about it - I just didn't know what would happen when I turned the page.

Although I loved Thompson's first book, and thought it was really a stand-out debut, this novel eclipses that simply because I think it is so beautifully done. The subjects inside the book aren't easy ones to write about, or to evoke empathy towards certain characters about, but Thompson manages this with ease, and her writing is a joy to read. I was honestly picking this book up at every opportunity because I wanted to know what the next twist in the tale was going to be, and to hurtle myself towards the end to find out how it would end for the characters. I cannot tell you how wonderful I thought this novel was, and it is certainly one that will make its way onto my 'Keepers' shelf to be enjoyed again. A fantastic, emotional and heart-wrenching read that will draw you in long after the final page has been turned. Simply brilliant.

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