13 February 2013

Book News: Wonder Women by Rosie Fiore

I really enjoyed Rosie Fiore's last book Babies in Waiting, so I am very much looking forward to her 2013 release, Wonder Women. It's due out as an eBook on 14th March, and a paperback on 20th June, and sounds like another brilliant read.

You can pre-order Wonder Women as a paperback or an eBook now.

"Jo has always dreamed of starting her own business, but the arrival of her two gorgeous toddlers has put her ambition on the backburner. Then she hits on a brilliant idea – a kids’ clothing shop with a twist – and is thrilled when it really takes off. When husband Lee offers to quit his job to look after the family while her business grows, it seems a godsend – but will their marriage stand the test of reversing their roles?

Jo soon recruits Holly and Mel to help her in the shop. Designer Holly’s high-flying career has come crashing down and she’s moved back home – but is she ready to manage a major family crisis? Meanwhile, Mel worries her teenage daughter Serena is going off the rails. Is finding out more worth risking her daughter’s trust? 

At the crossroads of their lives, friendship could be the only the thing keeping these wonder women strong."

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