26 February 2013

Book News: The Antenatal Group by Amy Bratley

Amy Bratley has written two really great books in her writing career so far, and therefore I am very much looking forward to her new book The Antenatal Group which is coming on April 11th 2013! I love the bright, fun cover, and I love books based around pregnancy and babies, so this one sounds right up my street!

You can pre-order The Antenatal Group as a paperback now.

"New babies. New problems. New friends.

Seven months pregnant, Mel is dumped by her partner and left stranded outside her first antenatal class.

And so the expectant mother believes that she is about to face parenthood alone. Instead, Mel finds herself introduced to the world of pain relief and labour positions with a group of women who quickly become valuable friends in the terrifying new world of motherhood . . .

Katy, a rich and successful professional woman with the dream husband, has her birth designed to perfection but soon realises that nature doesn’t always follow plans.

Lexi, loud and confident, is doing pregnancy alone, and coping well. Until the only man she has ever loved makes a reappearance at the most unexpected moment.

Rebecca, the youngest of the group, is an independent and strong-minded woman who is determined to hold onto her dreams.

Erin already seems to be an expert on babies, but her over-protective attitude towards her bump is hiding a tragic story from the past.

Each of these women has a different kind of complicated life, but as mums-to-be the five discover together that preparing for the birth of a baby is one time when every woman needs four new friends."

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