19 February 2013

Book News: Not Without You by Harriet Evans

I really enjoy reading Harriet Evans' novels, and her new book Not Without You looks like one I am going to want to read as well! I really love the simplistic cover, it's understated but really beautiful, and makes me intrigued to find out more about the book. It's due out on 28th March 2013.

"Sophie knows she should count herself lucky. She grew up in modest surroundings but suddenly finds herself catapulted into the A-list after the surprise hit of a budget movie. But surrounded by botoxed assistants, lecherous old directors and a star-struck mother, Sophie just wishes she could be a proper actress, in proper, serious films. And at the tender age of thirty, she already worries she’s past her ‘prime’.

As Sophie’s career begins to decline – slowly and painfully at first, and then all at once – her fate seems to be entwined with that of her favourite actress, Eve Noel. The epitome of 50s Hollywood glamour, Eve suddenly disappeared from the spotlight. No-one knows why. As Sophie receives threatening letters, it seems that the dark secrets in Eve’s past are beginning to haunt Sophie, too . . . With a new film about Shakespeare burying Sophie deep in the English countryside, suddenly Eve herself is close at hand."

You can pre-order Not Without You as a paperback or an eBook now.

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