17 July 2012

Picture This, Picture That: This Child of Mine by Sinead Moriarty

I really loved the cover for Sinead Moriarty's next book This Child of Mine (due out on 9th August - left), but the publishers have taken the unusual step of completely changing it for it's paperback release in 2013. The trade paperback cover, left, is gorgeous, very pretty but the new look is totally different! According to Sinead's Facebook page, the new cover on the right is for the paperback release in 2013. I actually really like this cover too! I don't normally go for photographic covers, but I think with the title of the book it works really well, and I love the purple highlights too, it's really fresh and emotive... now I think about it, I think I might prefer it, and it might get a broader readship too. So... which cover do you prefer? Vote in the poll below now and let me know! :)

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  1. I like the original choice, lovely colour and it matches, pieces of my heart and me and my sisters. I do like the writing on the new choice but otherwise not keen.

  2. Cover on the left is quite Marian Keyes. Cover on the right is more emotive.

  3. Hi, Sinead said on her facebook page that even she got mixed up. The cover on the left is for the trade paperback edition published next month and the cover on the right is for the paperback edition published next year. I prefer the cover on the left it fits in with her previous covers and I like the colours and font.