17 July 2012

eBook News: It Happened At Boot Camp by Molly Hopkins

Ahead of the publication of her brand new novel It Happened in Venice, Molly Hopkins is releasing an exclusive short story starring the great Evie Dexter and it's got a bit of a twist... you can choose which ending you're going to pick for her! It's due out on 19th July as an eBook only so keep an eye out for it!

"Give up men for 2 weeks? Impossible!

But Evie Dexter has challenged her flirtatious, man-addicted best friend Lulu to do just this. And Lulu never shirks a bet.

In a flash of deranged inspiration Lulu books them both on a week's stay at an all-female military-style Boot Camp in the boringly beautiful English countryside - surely a guaranteed man-free zone. But with one meagre gym visit between them, a shared passion for white wine, saturated fats and sitting in front of the television - just how long can Evie and Lulu stick it out?

This story is sooooo good it has three different endings, but there can only be one winner! You decide."

You can buy It Happened At Boot Camp as an eBook!

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