30 July 2012

Book Cover: A Merry Little Christmas by Julia Williams

Okay, I think this is my favourite Christmas book cover ever!! Julia Williams' A Merry Little Christmas is due out on 25th October, the run-up to the festive season, and my gosh have the publishers got this one perfectly right! It's everything I want from a Christmas book cover, and I am now so excited to read this one! Do you like the cover? I'll post the synopsis as soon as it's available. Click the cover to see a bigger version!

You can pre-order it as a paperback or for just £2.99 on Kindle now!

1 comment:

  1. Oh cute! Going to check the blurb and perhaps wishlist this one. :) I do love Christmas chick lit. Already picked up two titles in preparation and definitely after a few more (particularly Scarlett Bailey - LOVE).