16 July 2012

Book News: Looking for Fireworks by Holly Cavendish

I saw this cover on Twitter last night and just had to share it with you, I think it's so beautiful! (Click it to see a larger version) Holly Cavendish's novel Looking for Fireworks is due out on 11th October 2012, and sounds like a great read. Holly is the pen-name of brilliant author Ruth Saberton, so if you've loved her book, you'll enjoy this too!

"When it comes to finding love, every girl is . . . looking for fireworks...

When her father becomes ill, single city girl Laney Barwell moves to the Cotswolds to look after him. She’s been looking for fireworks in her love life ever since she broke up with her predictable ex-boyfriend Giles, but she has no thoughts of kindling the spark she’s looking for here. If she can’t find love in a big city like London – with all its internet dating, singles nights, and socials – how can she ever hope to meet the man of her dreams in the tiny village of St Pontian?

But there are two prospects when she gets there: Martin who can always be depended on for a kind word of advice. And Toby, who is distant, but who sets her heart ablaze.

When it comes to love, should Laney trust the logic of her head or the racing of her heart?"


  1. Oh this sounds amazing. I don't usually like the more serious women's fictions so much but this is going straight on my wishlist. :)

  2. This sounds Fab. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for books.