3 July 2012

Book News: Lifesaving for Beginners by Ciara Geraghty

I absolutely adore the cover for Ciara Geraghty's new book Lifesaving for Beginners! I think it's so fun and happy looking, the colourful balloons are just perfect, and I can't wait to read the book. It's due out on September 27th - are you going to be reading this?

"An accident on the motorway. One woman dies. One woman lives. Nothing will ever be the same again. Kat Kavanagh works in Dublin as a technical writer. She has no children and is fond of her man-friend, Thomas. She never thinks about what happened when she was fifteen. That's Kat's story. None of it is true. Milo is ten and lives in Brighton. He's pretty busy trying to keep things together. Lots of stuff is still the same. Like school. Lifesaving class. Library duty with Carla. Cutting worms in two with his bestfriend Damo. But some things are different. Like his mother not being around anymore. And his sister Faith, looking after him. Then Faith finds some of her mother's old papers and discovers a secret she was never meant to know. Suddenly everything changes. As Milo struggles to come to terms with what has happened to his family, Faith is determined to uncover the truth. Kat thinks the truth is overrated. But you can only run so far before your past catches up with you ..."

You can pre-order Lifesaving for Beginngers as a hardback now.

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  1. I love Ciara Geraghty's books and I can not wait for this one to be released!