21 December 2011

My Favourite Christmas... by Ali McNamara

Welcome back to my Christmas 2011 feature! As you know, I've asked lots of authors to write something about their favourite Christmas, and I've been lucky to have a great response. Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming the fabulously festive Ali McNamara!

My favourite Christmas…

Movie: I’ve always loved Miracle on 34th Street – who hasn’t wanted to prove Santa is real! And my new favourite would be Serendipity, (a lovely movie I only discovered this year!) because of events in my own life throughout 2011...

Food: Cold left overs on Boxing Day. I much prefer this to the actual Christmas day lunch, so much more relaxed… Or my homemade Mince pies – which are pretty special I have to say ;-)

TV: The TV in recent years has been pretty rubbish in my opinion. But it always used to be a comedy special like Only Fools & Horses.

Present: As a child I can still remember the wonder of trying to figure out just how Santa got all the way around the world in one night…. As an adult it was my first computer. And look where that led…

Decoration: The glitter covered pinecones my children decorated and brought home from playgroup. They still come out and adorn our tree even now they’re both teenagers.

Tradition: Making my children wait until after breakfast to open their presents. I always had to, so now they do too! But they have a stocking of little gifts they’re allowed beforehand just to keep them going…

Song: This year I’m really enjoying Michael Buble’s Christmas album. He has the perfect voice for Christmas songs.

But my all time favourite would have to be Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

Ever: I’m hoping might be this year… We’re going to New York just before Christmas. I’ve always wanted to go and stand under the big Rockefeller Christmas tree and make a wish!  & this year I’m going to do just that .

Merry Christmas & a healthy happy 2012 to all!

Ali :)

You can read my review of Ali's latest book Breakfast at Darcy's here. You can buy the book in paperback and as an eBook now!

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