2 December 2011

Christmas News: Scarlett Bailey

Scarlett Bailey, author of the fantastic festive novel The Night Before Christmas. is releasing a special Christmassy story which is being released via a chapter a day through an online advent calendar! Santa, Maybe sounds like a great idea, I've read yesterday's chapter and will be looking every day for more! You can read the chapters every day here on Scarlett's special advent calendar site!

"When 31 year old Amy Tucker wakes up on Christmas Eve to find an attractive man dressed in a Santa suit in her bedroom the shock is nothing compared to her disbelief when he tells her he is actually Santa, produces an Elf outfit and tells her that if she wants her Christmas wish to come true, she must become his 'little-ish' helper for the night. Certain she must be dreaming, Amy agrees and sets off on the adventure of a life time, taking her on a magical journey and showing her the secret to making her dreams comes true is more incredible than she could have imagined.."


  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for letting us know :)

  2. Ohh I love it! :) And I'm itching to get a copy of Night Before Christmas as well, it sounds like a lovely read! <3