10 December 2011

Book News: Tinseltown by Victoria Fox

It's been brought to my attention that Victoria Fox has brought out a festive story, and best of all it's free, and out now! Tinseltown is unfortunately only available for Kindle users (one of my biggest bugbears, its so unfair to those of us who only like PAPER books!) but it sounds like a great read, especially if you want to get into the Christmas spirit!

"Dom Judd is the hottest man in Hollywood. He'll do anything to get out of being a sexy Santa in Hollywood’s famous Tinseltown parade…but can he persuade his brother to take the reins? Waitress Clare has just been dumped. Playing Rudolph is hardly going to help her single status - until she sees how drop-dead gorgeous Father Christmas is! Laney Allen has shot to fame, but hates the limelight - and it seems only Santa can help her overcome her stage-fright... As the snow falls and sleigh bells ring, whose Tinseltown dreams will come true?"

You can buy Tinseltown as an eBook now!

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