30 November 2011

Book News: More Like Her by Liza Palmer

I haven't yet read one of Liza Palmer's novels, yet her new book More Like Her sounds really great. I have to confess to not being a huge fan of the cover... the boots are simply awful(!) but the synopsis does sound great. It's due out on 19th January 2012, and do let me know your thoughts!

"'I'm not the girl men choose. I'm the girl who's charming and funny and then drives home alone wondering what she did wrong. I'm the girl who meets someone half-way decent and then fills in the gaps in his character with my own imagination, only to be shocked when he's not the man I thought he was. I'm the girl who hides who she really is...'

Frannie has spent her life disguising who she really is for fear of falling short of other people's expectations. And when she meets her new boss, Frannie can't help but wish she was just a bit more like her. Because Emma has it all: the job, the lifestyle, the happy marriage... even the perfect dog.

But everything is not as it seems. And Frannie's about to find out - in the hardest way possible - that chasing perfection isn't necessarily the route to the happy life that she's always imagined it to be.

A heartbreaking and romantic story about love, life, friendship and the true importance of chasing your own dreams."

 You can pre-order More Like Her in paperback now

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  1. This looks like something I would totally enjoy. I so want to read this, thanks for the heads up.