23 November 2011

Book News: Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans

I recently read Harriet Evans' last book Love Always, and was impressed with it, and what a different type of story Harriet wove for her readers. Her new book, Happily Ever After, is due out on 19th January 2012 and I think the cover is absolutely gorgeous, really stunning. I'm actually really looking forward to this one, are you?

"At twenty-two, Eleanor Bee is sure about three things: she wants to move to London and become a literary superstar, she wants to be able to afford to buy a coffee and croissant every morning, and she doesn’t believe in happy endings. She saw what divorce did to her parents, especially her mum: happily ever after’s fine on the last page of a book, but it just doesn’t happen in real life.

Elle moves to London. She gets a job at Bluebird Books, a charmingly old-fashioned publishers. She falls out of pubs, wears too-short skirts, makes lots of mistakes and feels like she’s learning nothing and everything at the same time. And then, out of the blue, she falls in love, and that’s when she realises just how much growing up she has to do…

Ten years on, and Elle’s life has changed in ways she could never have predicted. Because no matter where you go and how much you try to run away, the past has a funny way of catching up with you, and Happily Ever After comes in all shapes and sizes…"

You can pre-order Happily Ever After in paperback or on eBook/Kindle now (link goes to Amazon.co.uk)


  1. Ooh this sounds great. And I love the cover too!

  2. Great cover, have enjoyed Harriet's books in the past so will look out for this one!

  3. I've won an advance copy of this book in the publisher's Facebook comp so cannot wait to receive it and get started on reading it.

  4. I'm just about to start reading "Love Always"! I've been following your reviews and I wonder just how many books a week you read?