28 November 2011

Book News: Even Better Than The Real Thing by Martina Reilly

Martina Reilly is back early next year with her brand new novel Even Better Than The Real Thing, and she's got a fab new cover look to it as well! The new book is out on 5th January 2012, and sounds like its going to be a great read, and very different to her other books too.

"What would you do if you were an unwitting part of the greatest art scam in history? Eve Cole knows. She's going to get her painting back and return the eleven million paid for it. The only thing she needs is a plan that won't implicate her or her family.

Enter Larry, her handsome, duplicitous next-door neighbour. Larry is full of plans and he might just be amoral enough to go through with them.

Eve, knowing she has no choice but to trust this ex-con, reluctantly throws her lot in with him. But is Larry the real deal? Is he just another big fake? Will he con her out of her ill-gotten millions?

As the plan escalates, Eve learns that much like riding a rollercoaster, life would be much more fun if she could just let go..."

You can pre-order Even Better Than The Real Thing in paperback and on eBook/Kindle now.

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