15 November 2011

Book News: Horse Play by Jo Carnegie

I have loved Jo Carnegie's 'Churchminster' series since I read the second book in the series Naked Truths a couple of years ago. Now we're onto the 5th book of the series, Horse Play, and I can't wait to read it once again! It's due out on 19th January 2012, and it's nice to see that Transworld have given the cover a bit of a makeover, although I have to say the synopsis really doesn't give much away about the story at all!

"Churchminster village - picturesque, quaint, sleepy - OR NOT...

A place where women know exactly what they want, and it's not cream tea with the vicar.

A place where anything can happen . . . so be careful what you wish for.

And a place where the men had better behave . . . because the girls won't take it lying down (well, not unless they want to!)"

You can pre-order Horse Play in paperback now.

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  1. I love the Churchminster books and can't wait for this one to be released! :)