24 November 2012

Healing For Kerry

Sometimes horrible things happen to wonderful people. One such person is the beautiful Kerry, aka Multiple Mummy. Kerry is a fantastically successful blogger, blogging all things parenting and raising her 3 children with husband Nick. Kerry is now seriously ill in hospital. In July, she suffered a ruptured aneursym which caused her to have a brain haemorrhage. She's had several infections which have caused her several setbacks, but is still fighting through it all for the sake of her husband and 3 beautiful children.

While Kerry is a blogger that I don't personally know, I do know her husband Nick. He was one of my teachers at school, and a really lovely guy, and I hate thinking about what he's going through, and their 3 young children too, and I also went to school with Kerry's brother. To happen to someone you know in a round-about way is awful, and every day I log on to find out if there have been any updates, whether through Kerry's blog or Facebook.

So today, the blogging and twitter communities are coming together to say a prayer for Kerry, to hope that she makes a speedy recovery and to wish her well in her fight. If you're on twitter, use the hashtag #Healing4Kerry to spread the word, and to spread the prayer for Kerry. Even if you aren't religious, just spread the message of hope. Or, as Multiple Daddy Nick says, just eat chocolate and think of Kerry!

If you haven't read Multiple Mummy's blog yet, you can visit it here, or just to see exactly who Kerry is, watch this incredibly emotional video to find out more, put together by Multiple Daddy. Kerry, and Nick and the children, we are all thinking of you and praying hard today.


  1. It's such a small world and I am so glad that you got involved. I am discovering more and more of her friends and family on the world wide web and on Twitter.

    Beautiful post.

    Liska xx