22 November 2012

eBook Short Story Review: The Christmas Bake-Off by Abby Clements

"A fun and festive short story from Abby Clements. 

With Christmas just around the corner, the residents of Skipley village are gearing up for the annual bake off, and tensions are high. 

Winning means a lot to everyone involved - talented cake-shop owner Katie dreams of baking stardom, Rachel wants to prove she's more than a stay-at-home mum, and John hopes his culinary skills will impress the woman he loves. 

But when the judges discover that some cakes have been tampered with, the villagers' loyalties are called into question - whose ambition would stretch to sabotage, and why?"

Rating: 5/5

This is only going be a brief review because, well, it's only a short story/novella so there' no need to go into it in too much detail! If you've read Abby Clement's debut novel Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, then you'll certainly recognise a few characters in this book! We meet Rachel, daughter Milly and mother-in-law Bea once more, this time at Shipley's 'Christmas Bake Off'. Rachel is looking to show off her baking prowess, cake shop owner Katie wants to show the celebrity judge what she's made of, and local man John is attempting his first ever festive themed cake. It was nice to mix both the old and new characters, and I loved catching up with Rachel, Bea and Milly again, even if for a short period.

For me, this story was way too short! Clements straight away dives in with the main crux of the story, which is that someone has sabotaged a few of the Christmas cake entries, and the residents of Shipley are left wondering who could do such a thing?! I loved reading about the various cakes on offer, and it certainly gets you in a festive mood. I'm quite looking forward to trying Bea's Cinnamon stars thanks to the included recipe at the end of the eBook too. I loved the little notions of romance, and the love of Christmas throughout the book, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a fun, but too short, short story, and will certainly want to make you read 'Meet Me Under the Mistletoe' if you haven't already. A great free eBook, get yours now.

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