29 November 2012

Book News: Three Little Words by Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson's debut novel This Is A Love Story was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and I thought it was a really strong debut, and one that I got emotionally attached to. Now, I'm really looking to her next book Three Little Words which is out on 31st January 2013. The red cover is really pretty, in the same style as her previous book, and I'm curious to find out what the 'three little words' are all about!

"They are just words but they mean so much.

As a dark evening draws in, the lives of three women are changed forever.

The worlds they have been living in, the people they thought they knew - in an instant it all changes.

But when everything seems to shatter around them, could three little words be enough to help put the pieces back together again? "

You can pre-order Three Little Words as a paperback or an eBook now.

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