23 November 2012

Book News: Anyone For Secrets? by Fiona Cassidy

Irish author Fiona Cassidy is back with her brand new book Anyone for Secrets? next week on 28th November, and I'm really looking forward to reading it as it's the last in the 'Anyone' trilogy! The previous two books were fantastic, and I can't wait to see how it all ends for these characters.

"Ruby Reilly has just discovered the missing link in her life in the form of her birth mother. Everyone is delighted, except of course her adoptive mother Isobel. So Ruby decides to distract Isobel and herself (and drive everyone else to distraction?) by engaging in another manhunt ... this time for her birth father...

Frankie McCarthy's relationship with her stepdaughter has blossomed in the last few years but sours spectacularly as soon as a man comes into the picture. Can Frankie save the wilful Angelica from the clutches of the manipulative Jerome or will the teenager stick to her dangerous path just to spite her?

Jodi McDermott has arrived in Swiftstown because that's where the bus dropped her off after she ran away. The former PR goddess has been reduced to living in a small flat where the feng shui is definitely not working. Then fate points to a way out of this trap... if she has the nerve.

Appearances can be deceptive and you just never know what happens behind closed doors... Anyone for Secrets?"

You can pre-order Anyone for Secrets? as a paperback now.

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